The reaction of the United States to the lack of LeBron in the Games

In early June, LeBron James confirmed that he will not participate in the Tokyo Olympics with the United States. After being eliminated in the NBA Playoffs with the Los Angeles Lakers, the King said that he will not travel to Japan to focus on the recovery of his right ankle and the launch of “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, a film of which is the protagonist.

After his absence from the Rio 2016 Olympic event, Space Jam: A New Legacy movie will again hit the foul in the Dream Team: “I think I’m going to play with the Toon Squad this summer instead of the Olympics. I think I’ll focus on that.” LeBron himself joked during the moment in which he announced that he will not be there. But how was the decision made in USA Basketball?

“You know, Father Time takes its toll. If you are a human being, your body is made to last that long depending on your sport, and then it is a downhill situation. LeBron made the decision not to participate in these last Olympics because he has so much of the things that happen in your life, “said Jerry Colangelo, CEO of the organization.

In dialogue with ESPN, the senior manager thanked James for his contribution to what he achieved with the United States during the 2004 Athens Games (bronze medal), Beijing 2008 and London 2012 (both gold medalists), but was blunt about his future: “I think his time is up” … Goodbye to the Olympics for LeBron?

James played a total of 68 games and three Olympic appointments with USA Basketball: he gave his present in Athens 2004, obtaining the bronze medal, and reached the top in Beijing 2008 and London 2012, when he won the gold medal. He was not at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games and he will not be in Tokyo either, with the uncertainty of whether, at 36, he will have another chance to join the United States team for the upcoming Olympic events.