Space Jam Bounce History: Don Cheadle Confirms People Will Find More Than One Match

Since an independent sequel to the 90s hit, “Space Jam”, starring Michael Jordan, in which the central character is now the basketball player Lebron James, was announced, controversy has arisen on social networks about the comparisons, so actor Don Cheadle assured that the public will receive in “Space Jam: A New Legacy” a different product in which the only thing in common is the basketball game and that is played in the “Looney Tunes” universe.

“The film establishes his own identity, of course Space Jam: A New Legacy movie main character is forced to play basketball, but it will be in a different way. It is a story about a child who tries to individualize and follow his own path, his own journey and none of that is in the first. So I think deep down, he’s trying to do a lot of different things. Obviously he is still focused on the best basketball player of his time, ”explained the Oscar nominee.

Cheadle gives life to the villain “Al G. Rhythm” in the story, a kind of personal digital assistant who seeks to be recognized by people, that is why he enjoyed the creation process because he wanted to humanize this type of digital system that is now so frequent, show a subject with desires and desires, but also goals and insecurities and which he achieved with the help of the script and director Malcolm D. Lee.

Cheadle played basketball for several years, so it was fun to join this project, and although he would have liked to have a face-to-face with “El Rey”, they could not expose him to injury, but he was surprised by how professional he was in the field. set, because after 12 hours of working, he was still going to train, he saw him give his all during filming, so there was no need to give him any advice.

For the director Lee and the actress Sonequa Martin-Green, who plays “Kamiyah James”, joining this universe was pleasant, because they were fans of cartoons since their childhood, they both watched them religiously every Saturday morning and although They are satisfied because the story focuses on the family, the filmmaker assured that the script also allowed him to deepen and have fun in all the special effects, since all the characters from Warner Bross participate in this film.

The film opens this July 15 in all theaters in the country.
Martin-Green never creates a character inspired by her real life, but she hopes to generate that complicity of “Kamiyah” with her real children.
Lee is sure fans will enjoy the nod they give Michael Jordan.
Cheadle assured that he was always a fan of Bugs Bunny, because of his intelligence and sarcasm.


20 years in a row Cheadle played basketball.
The film lasts 120 minutes.


“I like to go where the good characters are, do things that are unique, interesting and different, and this film has it,” he said.