Review Space Jam: A New Legacy The Game

When we talk about promotional material for a movie, we usually think of images, posters, an appearance of a celebrity in a show, even a music video if we are lucky. However, as time has passed, we rarely see games that serve as a way to excite the public for the release of a movie. This was a very common practice in the 80s, 90s and the beginning of the century, but today it is difficult to find any virtual experience that serves to capitalize on the next chapter of the MCU, for example. Fortunately, it seems that this is about to change.

Not just the acclaimed Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is back, Space Jam: A New Legacy movie the rumored Avatar game is real. Although experiences like the one in development at the hands of Ubisoft Massive are in the AAA aspect of this industry, there is still room for those who want to be just a snack, and not offer something that tries to revolutionize this industry. In this way, in December 2020 it was announced that Space Jam: A New Legacy, a tape that will be released in just a few days, would have an exclusive Xbox video game. The interesting thing is that the project arises as part of a competition, where users could submit their ideas and win different prizes.

After just over six months in silence, Xbox announced that Game Pass Ultimate users now have access to Space Jam: A New Legacy – The Game, a beat’em up that takes us back to the 90s with the aim of entertaining the audience before the long-awaited adventure of the Looney Tunes on the big screen. Is this title worth it? How well does this installment work as promotional material for the tape that we will see in a few days? Discover the answers to these and more questions in our Atomix Review.